Chaos hides a secret order

“Psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung claimed that in every chaos there is a cosmos and in every disorder there is a secret order. So, even if there are moments in life when everything seems confused to you, through a path of psychotherapy you will discover new perspectives that will help you to regain your well-being.”   Dr Caterina Nicolosi Ganßmann
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My name is Caterina Nicolosi Ganßmann and I am an Italian psychologist who lives and works in Berlin. I hope that starting from the acknowledgement of a problem, with this site and through my activity at the practice you will decide to get to know me and to make a first appointment free of charge.

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Caterina is an extraordinary professional, able not only for competence and experience but also for human qualities to bring a real value to people.

Leonardo Cascio, Marketing Consultant

I’ve known Caterina since she was a student and I’ve always appreciated her strong intelligence combined with her great sensitivity. In her profession she has put all her love for her neighbor, combining competence and spirituality, qualities that allow her to integrate the various psychotherapeutic techniques studied and deepened making them interact at their best.

Maddalena Falagario, Psychologist Psychotherapist

Caterina is a very authentic, appreciative, empathetic, sensitive, lively, open, attentive therapist. She has a lot of experience, worked professionally for many years and integrates extensive therapeutic backgrounds and methods that combine interestingly.

Anna Mittendorf, Psychotherapist

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Find out my methods: Integrative psychotherapy with adults, youth and children, Individual talking with adults, youth and children, Couple therapy, Family therapy etc..


Areas of specialism

If you have decided on therapy it means that you are requesting a change. This change request normally produces a certain time span and suffering. In this phase it is mostly difficult for humans to recognize the reason for their own pain…



Talk therapy and psychotherapy are the most advanced ways to lead a patient to a change process. With such methods a patient learns to know themselves and to take responsibility for their life, through a clear view of the reality, without any influence from a subconscious motivation…


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Fear and Anxiety

Fear is a very useful main emotion because it serves us to survive and face the dangers we encounter in our life. If fear continues

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Make the unconscious conscious, otherwise the unconscious will guide your life and you
will call it destiny.

Carl Gustav Jung